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Blocking people from private rooms for a set period of time

I'm kind of new to this site but this is one of the things I found to want and didn't see.
By this I mean the creator of a room possibly being a moderator, with the abilities of making other people moderators as well as blocking/banning people from drawing in the room. They would be able to decide how long the person in question was banned for. It would reduce the trolls and such for rooms posted by someone on their twitter or something. Again, I'm new here, so if this is already a thing I'm sorry for being stupid lol ^^ Thank you if you consider it!

Pen , 26.03.2016, 03:22
Response from the site administrator
alemaaltevinden, 26.03.2016
I have worked on this for a bit but it's far from finished, expect it in about 2 months.
Idea status: in process


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