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To be able to select an area and make an animation in that area frame by frame

You may need an "Export as gif" option too.
It would be interesting to see many moving things on the canvas :)

side note: Add an Eraser!! It's annoying when the background is clear and you can't cover your mistake with generic white.

Rhys/ObliviousDickDrawer , 15.12.2016, 11:09
Response from the site administrator
alemaaltevinden, 23.12.2016
I have added this.
An eraser will be coming soon (tm)
Idea status: under consideration


alemaaltevinden, 15.12.2016, 11:15
An animation would be about as hard as layers.
What would be more possible is having the frames next to each other and then being able to export to gifs.

An eraser is easier but boring work.

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